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The more you put me away, the more I am attracted to you.


This was one of the worst experiences of my life.


I shouldn’t be driving.

但我不在乎, 我要頹廢到底

But I don’t care. I’m trying to hit bottom.

 你的底來了, 靠邊停

Here is your bottom. Pull over.

幫我一個忙 ,由我出面說話

Do me a favor. Let me do the talk. Okay?


I think I’m gonna puke.


Do not puke in front of an officer of the law.

不要叫我不要吐, 這讓我更想吐

Don’t tell me not to puke because that’ll make me puke more.


There’s a much higher probability that I’d be jumpy.


Shoot you without provocation, and then I could lose my weapon.


Have you been drinking and operating this motor vehicle?


You can’t afford my bribe.

為什麼? 是多少錢?

Why? How much do you charge?

但你知道 ,比這更多

But, you know, it’s more than that.

我覺得當我把價錢設得高一點,  可以讓小罪現形

I feel like when I set the price up higher. It takes it out of the realm of petty crime.


And helps me preserve my sense of personal integrity.

有那麼點個人的價值感覺, 沒錯!

Sort of feeling of self-worth if you’re… Yeah.



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